Friday, November 14, 2008

TASTE: Баструма (smoked horse meat), a tasty beer snack in western Ukraine

Баструма. Horse meat. How could I eat Seabiscuit? Because his bittersweet meat is tender, low in fat and tastes good with a light lager. I admit, I have developed a habit of eating smoked strips of equine with my evening brew. It is a common beer snack here in eastern Europe. I see it quite a bit in Poland and here in western Ukraine it can be found in most convenience stores next to the pretzels and peanuts. 

I have been curious about horse consumption since starting this sinful habit and have been collecting bits of information as I go. After a few wiki clicks and some drunken conversations in broken English I have learned that:

1. Horse meat is resistant to transmissible diseases such as Mad Cow 
    and E. coli.
2. Horse meat is not exotic unless you are from the Anglo world.
3. Americans only eat horse when they are really, really hungary, 
    like during WWII.
4. France and Belgium are the world's filthiest horse consumers.
5. Horse meat tastes better than Kangaroo meat.

Side note: a British expat told me that Kangaroo is being bred for food in Australia in an effort to help global warming. As it turns out, the iconic marsupial has eco-friendly farts but sadly its meat s a little bit stringy. 

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