Saturday, November 29, 2008


13 signs Jesus Christ was a rogue traveler:

1.   traveled light with robe, staff and sandals
2.   long hair and beard indicate insufficient bathing facilities
3.   dependence on handouts and gratuities from public 
4.   kept company with society's fringe, immigrants and 
5.   slept wherever possible, an adept sofa-surfer
6.   avoided using taxis, favored walking everywhere 
7.   said to have had serious case of traveler's foot from 
8.  could defy laws of nature to find alcohol anywhere
9.  continuous indifference to authorities
10. lack of desire to find steady work
11. consumption of hallucinogenic drugs for mind expansion and 
      shrubbery communication
12. made his meals out of found objects
13. broke his mother's heart

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