Thursday, November 20, 2008

101 ways to make a living on the road (eastern European version)

Write an Ebook about how to score Ukrainian women.

Prospects: Ukraine is the bridebasket of Europe. Many socially challenged men with too much money are scouring internet dating sites for a Ukrainian girlfriend right now. Sex tourism in Ukraine is a rapidly growing industry.  A google search brings up only one resource book specifically about the mating habits of Ukrainian women. 

What you need: access to knowledge of the field, a computer, money for advertising banners, a collection of pseudo porn featuring obese middle aged men with model grade trophies under their wing, internet access. 

Amount of peanuts earned per month: with savvy search engine optimization, this scheme can make enough money to support a liberal intake of domestically brewed lager.    

Chance you will meet the mafia: slim. One of the advantages of conducting your business strictly on the internet is that you don't need any shelter. 

Amount of actual work: this depends. Not much is necessary. Potential authors should outline the book modeled on a book of similar content, pay a Ukrainian woman to write the content and then have it translated into English. Otherwise, writing a book requires actually knowing the subject matter and this case it would mean considerable research and money spent on actual dates with real women. 

Ancillary pussy pay off: negligible. Being an author is of course good for the mojo but most people on the road are already authors (or artists, photographers, designers, insert chosen creative field of the moment here _______).  The monetary gains necessary for an increase in real pussy intake are not met here and the already fictitious life of the traveler is not enhanced by the word "author".

Number of other idiots with the same idea: I estimate the field to be competitive but not closed. There are many blogs and dating services that advertise their expertise but there appears to be space in the book market.

Chances of family back home finding out: Not good. A pen name and distance from using real anecdotal information will provide the necessary protection. It goes without saying that the English-teaching front is necessary to secretly hatching any dubious money making schemes abroad.



Jenny said...

it is interesting!maybe you suggest how i find a husband in canada?i really need one!

Jon said...

I thought you would have had a husband by now :)